Single Mode

To start your Move to Earn, you must purchase an NFT Sneaker and if you want to get a Fitness Access Token (FIT), you’ll need Stamina. Every 1 Stamina is equivalent to 5 minutes of your moving, and only once you have done your sneaker purchasing. To start, users designate a Sneaker and select the Start button.

Then the Walking and Running buttons will appear on the top of the screen.

Moonwalking: Due to the loss/ weakness of your GPS/ Internet connection or the user is not moving properly, this will be shown which leads to the Stamina losing (depends on the cases) and no FIT earnings.

GPS Signal: no GPS with White, Poor GPS with red and green illustrates a capable GPS Signal

Note: Always be aware of your Stamina before taking any physical movements because you can’t earn any tokens without it. There are four main factors of FIT/CALO compensation:

  1. Sneaker Type - Each sneaker will help you obtain a different amount of FIT. You can read more about the individual breakdown of each shoe in the Shoe Properties Section.

  2. Attributes of Sneaker Performance - The higher the performance, the more FIT/min you can obtain. From level 0- 29, users can only achieve FIT, but at level 30 and above, users can choose either FIT or CALO. Users are free to control the transition between these two monetization modes.

  3. The Speed Attribute of the Sneaker - The higher the Speed, the more CALO/min you take. At Level 30, users will be able to switch between FIT and CALO earnings. Users have complete control over switching between these two earning modes. To get further information about CALO releasing, read the Tokenomic section

  4. Moving Speed ​​- To get the most rewards, users should move at the ideal speed of their shoes’ ideal speed. Your profit will drop by up to 90% if you slip outside of this range (this also depends on the difference in speed with range)

When the Stamina is out, no more token earned. Users can keep moving or exit the Individual mode by touching the Stop button once in a while.

Gacha Box

In Single Mode, the Gacha Box is a magical box that is randomly allocated while you're on the go. It's filled with Stones (Level 1–3). There are four Gacha Box slots called Gacha available per user. The Gacha Box quality in five types is the same as in Sneaker. Once you get it, it takes you a few seconds, and the countdown starts automatically. They can not open it once the countdown is over. Please note that the Gacha Boxes countdown time increases in equivalent to its quality.

Gacha Boxes can unlock items or NFT collabs with brands or markets.

Challenge (Under development)

Users can take the weekly and monthly challenges in Challenge Mode, and it has to be registered at least 24 hours before the launch.

  1. Weekly Challenge - These challenges occur weekly and last to the end of it.

  2. Monthly Challenge - These challenges occur monthly and last to the end of it.

When the user successfully registers and completes the challenge, Mission Log will notify them and then they can explore a lot of special features of the app such as Set a Goal for better experience. Please note that you can only repair your Sneakers after completing the challenge.

Registration cost

Upon enrollment, the users have to pay a returnable fee to ensure liability. Fees are refunded upon completion of the Challenge or pooled as a cumulative reward for users on Leaderboard


Challenging opponents are ranked based on a points system. And points will be calculated according to the speed and attributes of the Sneakers.


  1. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get FIT/CALO tokens and Gold NFT Medal (Under development)

  2. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get CALO tokens and Silver NFT Medal

  3. The top % on the weekly/monthly Leaderboard will get FIT tokens and Bronze NFT Medal

  4. All Challenge competitors will achieve an NFT Medal of Participation

Team Challenge Mode (Under development)

By sharing the Activation Code, the user has a chance to get accumulated points or Medals. And after reaching a certain level of points, users have the right to be a leader and create their own clubs and group challenges. And teams can compete against each other in the Team Challenge section. The ranking is calculated based on the participants numbers and the total kilometers accumulated over a specified period of time The winning team can earn a limited NFT Sneaker in addition to the tokens in the Calo Metaverse.

Other AR/ VR PVP mode (Under development)

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