Stone & Space

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Stone kinds & Level

Once your Sneaker reaches a specific level, you can unlock Stone Spaces and then use identical Stones to upgrade their Sneaker Attribute by embedding them into the Unlocked Spaces ( i.e. only the "Lucky" Stone can enter the "Lucky" Space).

There are four different types of Stones, each performing a different Attribute:

  1. Blue: Performance

  2. Yellow: Lucky

  3. Red: Speed

  4. Green: Recovery

To upgrade their Stones, they can burn FITs and join three same-level Stones and type to a higher level by going to the Upgrade tab in the Stones section (i.e. three Level-1 Lucky Stones into one Lucky Stone). Level-2 capacity).

From Level 4 onwards, CALO will be needed to strengthen the Stone.

Note that low level stone upgrades run the risk of failure.

Users can improve their Stones by burning FIT and merging three Stones of the same level and type to a higher level by going to the Upgrade tab under the Stones section (i.e three Level-1 Performance Stones to one Level-2 Performance Stone ).

From Level 4 onwards, CALO will be required to enhance a Stone.

Note that upgrading low-level stones has a risk of failing.

Caution: From Level 1 to Level 5, The Stone upgrade may fail at any chance, and you will lose your Stone if this occurs.

Awakening Effect: The stone helps to boost the Sneaker's basic attributes. For example, Level 2 Performance Stone will upgrades Level 0 Sneaker's Base Performance by 5 (Sneaker Attribute) + 5 x 40% (Effect Awakening Stone for Sneaker attribute) + 8 (Stone properties) = 15

Space types & Quality

A pair of sneakers has four specific Spaces, each designated by a color resembling a Stone type. By inserting Stones into Space, users can upgrade the Sneaker's Attributes. Every time the Sneaker hits levels 5, 10, 15, or 20, a Space will be cracked. A higher Quality of Space will boost the Power of the Attribute of the placed Stone.

Without cracking the space, the user can see the Space type, but not the Space quality, which is determined by the quality of the Sneaker:

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