Referral Code

In order to expand the user base and spread out Calo communities on the global scale, Calo Team opened the Partner Program, in which partners will help us reach out to other users via a Refcode serving as a link to download Calo App.


  • There are two kinds of Refcode: 1 for Partner Program and 1 for User( Head to Invite to Earn section for more details)

  • The Refcode in this section refers to Partner Program Referral Code.

How to get a Refcode?

The only way to get a Refcode is to apply for the Partner Program.

First, visit the Calo Landing page and fill in the Application form:

Second, Calo Team will check and send you an Partner confirmation email as well as a Refcode to you.

Now you can share the Refcode to the others and get commissions as a reward.

Note: Email us via if you don't get replied within 1 week after submitting the form.

Who can get a Refcode?

As long as you can provide enough information about your identity and prove eligible, whether you are a certain person or an organization, Calo Team will consider you our Partners.

Commission and Benefits

Depends on your result and the commission will be paid through transaction fee.

Refcode Recipient

Partners (User A) can share the Refcode to any other users, as long as the Recipient (User B) meet some of these following conditions:

  1. User B installed Calo App through the Refcode.

  2. User B made at least one transaction in-app relating to Shoebox/Sneaker.

  3. User B complete his first tracklog.

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