NFT Sneaker System

Sneakers Attributes

1. "Performance" (FIT Earning) -Single Mode, Challenge Mode

In Single Mode, Performance plays an important role in FIT earnings. With a larger "Performance" Attribute, you will get more FIT per Stamina.

Higher "performance" leads to faster Leaderboard accumulation in Challenge Mode.

2. “Luck” (Gacha Box) - Single Mode, Sneaker Rental:

Luck is based on the frequency and quality of Gacha Box drops. While their Sneakers are leased out, users can also receive Gacha Box drops.

3. “Speed” (CALO Earning) - Single Mode, Challenge Mode, Staking/Governance (Under development).

4. “Recovery” - Single Mode, Challenge Mode

In Single Mode, "Recovery" affects the sneaker’s durability. A higher “Recovery” will result in a slower Endurance decline.If you have a high-quality sneaker, you have to pay a higher repair fee for it.

Durability is defined as the "stamina" of the sneaker. As the user moves, Endurance will decay. Sports shoes are penalized for a "worn-out" at 2 durability points of contact:

  1. At 50/100 Endurance, Sneaker Performance decreases to 90%

  2. At 20/100 Endurance, Sneaker Performance decreases to 10%

In Challenge Mode, “Recovery” will allow the user to obtain more points as their Sneaker will stay on the “worn-out” penalty range for longer.

Users will be able to score FIT/CALO to reset the Sneaker Quality score. The more frequent it is to reset, the more expensive it will be, with fees capped at a certain rate (Under development).

Kinds of Sneaker

There are 4 main types of shoes, each of which is tailored to each user's specific fitness level as followings:

NameOptimal PaceBase Return at Optimal Speed


1 - 6

4 FIT/ 1 Stamina used


4 - 10

5 FIT/ 1 Stamina used


8 - 20

6 FIT/ 1 Stamina used


1 - 20

4 - 6.25 FIT/ 1 Stamina used

The user's base FIT return is not stable, and many things can be reasons for its changes.

  1. Sneaker "Performance" (Low Recovery influences "Performance").

  2. GPS signal - If GPS signal is not strong, users will earn less

  3. Mobile connection strength and consistency - unstable data signals can limit your earnings

  4. The random use.

Will be updated on the CALO Return Rate.

The Quality of Sneakers

It has five different kinds of sneakers. When a Sneaker is molded, the value of each Attribute is randomly selected from a range of minimum and maximum values ​​ depending on the quality of the Sneakers. Therefore, even high-quality sneakers can have completely different attributes.

QualityMin. AttributeMax. Attribute
















Sneakers Level

Users can upgrade their Sneakers level by burning FIT. Each level up requires a certain amount of time to complete, which will increase in tandem with the amount of FIT needed as the Sneaker level increases. Even multiple FITs can be used to speed up this process. CALO will also be needed to upgrade a sneaker to Levels 29 and 30.

Users will get 4 - 12 extra Attribute points as they level up, which they can apply to their Sneaker quality.

QualityAttribute Point/Level up











Additional benefits will be unlocked as you go through the levels:

MilestoneTriggered Event

Level 5

Unlocks Space 1

Level 5

Unlocks Shoe-minting

Level 10

Unlocks Sneaker Rental function

Level 10

Unlocks Badge and Medal

Level 10

Unlocks Space 2

Level 15

Unlocks Space 3

Level 20

Unlocks Space 4

Level 30

Unlocks CALO earning

Users have the right to pick between FIT and Calo when reaching the highest level. It is possible to switch between FIT and CALO earnings, but there will be a cooling-off period.

Sneakers classifications

At Level 30, their Sneakers can be classified by burning FIT/CALO/NFT, which can include things like changing names, adding citations and adding Attribute points, among others.

More information on customization will be updated soon.

Sneaker Collaboration

In addition to the casually designed shoes, we will also have a collection of designer shoes and brand collabs. Collab shoes will have random Badge from the brand / design of the brand and earn additional special items from the brand.

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